Fansbasia Official was founded on January 2, 2019, founded on the basis of pride and enthusiasm for the world of football.

Early Standing
In the early days of Fansbasia, Fansbasia was a Facebook fanpage with the theme of news about Barcelona using Indonesian. Fansbasia itself originally meant "Fantastico Barca Indonesia" from here it was shortened to the word "FANSBASIA" but there were also some fans who thought Fansbasia meant "Indonesian Barcelona fans". Not only on Facebook, Fansbasia has also been active in other media such as Youtube, Blog, Instagram, etc. but it is still on a small scale and has stopped it.

Active period
At this time, the owner and founder had a good idea by using the Fansbasia blog as a football & the other sports live streaming web, in this way Fansbasia managed to become active again in the world of websites or blogs.

Fansbasia Featured Features
  •  Super lightweight web
  •  Informative content
  •  Light & dark display mode
  •  Telegram & Whatsapp group
  •  Has 4 live streaming channels
  •  Not many clicks
  •  Standard Google Webmaster
  •  Standard Google Adsense
  •  Friendly for Mobile and PC visitors
  •  ADD other sports by voting in Telegram Channel

All written content listed on the Fansbasia Official website is the author's own work by collecting important information about the match that will be held.