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Liverpool vs Chelsea, the third week of the English Premier League, the match takes place at Anfield Stadium.

So far, both clubs have the same number of points, 6 points each. However, Chelsea are second after West Ham. Liverpool are third at Brighton temporarily.

In this match, full points are equally the priority, so both teams can be very close to each other. In addition to the old players, both teams have new players. Of course, the two new players have their respective potential.

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Match Schedule Liverpool vs Chelsea

Here we have collected information about today's match between Liverpool vs Chelsea
such as the match to be played, the time and date of the game and the stadium or venue for the match to be held.

Premier League

Liverpool vs Chelsea

Indonesia 11.30 PM, WIB
United States and its surrounding
12.30 PM, EDT
Singapore, Malaysia, Mid Indonesia 00.30 AM, SGT | MYT | WITA
Japan, East Indonesia 01.30 AM, JST | WIT
Central Europe 06.30 PM, CET
British, Central Africa 05.30 PM, BST | CAT
Greenwich, Universal 04.30 PM, GMT | UTC

Augustus 28, 2021


Live Streaming and Highlights Liverpool vs Chelsea

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